Welcome to Absolute Aspects

Absolute Aspects provides the largest range of high quality colour light signals in the UK and provide matching services. These services include: 

  • Signal Identification Plates and Signal Post Telephone label (pictured left)
  • Automatic, Semi Automatic and Intermediate Block Plates
  • 1,2,3 & 4 Aspect Signals
  • Position Lights
  • Theatre Box (Route Indicator)
  • Feathers (Junction Indicators)
  • SPAD Indicators (Signal Past At Danger)
  • Old Style and Modern Ground Position Signals
  • Bespoke Gantries 
  • All Work Considered

Looking for a top of the line decoder to go with our signals?

We now stock the Signalist SC1 (Signal Decoder) and SC2 (Point Decoder) from Harman DCC. Please check our online shop for details.

Absolute Aspects Facebook Page. Tel: +44 (0) 7788 255 126 Email: info@absoluteaspects.com
Absolute Aspects offers the highest quality in hand made British scale model signals. We produce scale model 1 aspect, 2 aspect, 3 aspect, 4 aspect, SPAD and Ground Position Signals for N gauge, 00 Gauge and 0 gauge. Our signals look great alongside suppliers like Hornby, Bachmann, Heljan.

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